Swimming Pool Construction

How We Build Our Swimming Pools

Blue Paradise Pools cares about sharing how we go about building your dream pool. Explore the gallery below as we walk you through a swimming pool build from start to finish.

Before We Dig

Before we start digging, we decide exactly where the pool will lay in the yard.

Digging & Excavation

We have the equipment to excavate your new backyard paradise! We carefully dig the hole to fit your pool perfectly.

Setting Walls

After the dig is complete, the pool panels are placed in the hole to fit the shape and size that our customer wants. We use the absolute best panels to construct your pool. We are a showcase builder, and that means we use a high density polymer panel.

Pouring Footer

After we set the walls of your pool, we pour 8-12″ colder around the whole outside of the pool to secure and lock the pool in place.


Primary plumbing, jets, skimmers, and main drains.


During this phase we apply gravel only.

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